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The ITE Project
Welcome to the ITE Project

ITE project exploits the most recent outcomes in the field of innovation research and targets the vast number of textile and clothing SMEs all over Europe. Starting form 1st July 2004 and for a period of two years, twenty two organisations from the major players in textile industry in sixteen countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Malta, Slovakia, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey) will be available to assist entrepreneurs in their research way towards Sixth Framework Programme.

Our activities include :

  • Organisation of 18 specific seminars and 18 workshops to promote and demonstrate the practical benefits of SME participation in the new instruments of Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)

  • Support and coach the interested companies towards FP6 research projects

  • Realisation of benchmarking audits in 130 textile and clothing companies to assess their technological level and operational practices

  • Realisation of 13 case studies to reveal best practices in human resources development
Textiles and Clothing: a huge sector in front of huge challenges

Stay active:
If you are interested to get involved in a European research project please fill in the Expression of Interest and send it to clotefi@etakei.gr.
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